Baby Pink Cake

Baby Pink Cake

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A tall, cream-colored cake with a pink cream finish at the bottom. The top edge of the cake has light pink swirls of vanilla cream and the cake is finished with matching sprinkles in pink and gold. Very suitable for a birth, baby girl party or children's birthday!

You order this cake without a topper as standard. Would you like to order a cake topper? This can be done separately via this link: The cake topper collection.

• available in the following sizes around:
- 15 cm medium round (15 to 25 people)
- 20 cm large round (20 to 30 people)
Four layers filled and this cake is ± 20 cm high

• In this photo you see a medium sized cake with a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 20 cm (not including the extra decorations).
• Choose your own cake flavor and filling
• Colors and sprinkles may sometimes differ slightly from the photo
• The cakes can generally only be picked up in the boutique. Delivery is only possible in consultation, please contact us.

Please note, on hot days it is difficult to transport a tall cake properly. Keep the cake cold, for example under the air conditioning in the passenger's car. Don't drive it around for too long and don't leave it in the car for further errands. If the cake gets too warm, it may fall crooked, so be very careful with it and place the cake very upright (not even slightly crooked). Place immediately in the refrigerator at home and store.

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