From catering business to church society

Unfortunately, we also had to close the doors of our pink heaven again on October 14, 2020 due to the tightened Corona measures. The question that immediately arises is; How on earth are we going to keep our heads above water after such a second setback?! After an inevitable moment of contemplation and self-reflection, you ultimately have to dare to look up. With a healthy dose of spirit and belief in a good outcome, we ultimately came up with a beautiful new interpretation of The Cake Room.
That is why we can proudly announce that we have now officially* been renamed The Pink Church. As a brand new denomination, we can not only remain open, but we can share and profess our love for pink with anyone who feels called to do so. Long live article 6 of our beautiful constitution!
How do we do that?

Click here to watch our heavenly mini-documentary and become part of our community ;-)


As in many cases, it just depends on how you look at it. No, unfortunately we cannot baptize you in our sprinkle pool, and for a heavenly experience you will have to wait until we are officially allowed to open again. However, we do have a real belief. And it is - as you would expect from us - sweet and airy instead of bitter and burnt.

We also sometimes find it uncomfortable to see that our industry - in many cases the best boy in the Corona class - is hit so hard, while in the churches literally no one has to leave for singing. Sometimes the rules - such as Article 6 - are beautiful frameworks for our society in writing, but in practice they appear to lead to unfair comparisons. We can sometimes be critical of each other.

How can we actually define a philosophy of life? We haven't decided yet. We do believe that as a catering industry we have worked hard in recent months to be a safe, pleasant and valuable place for everyone, and we are proud of that! We hope you can appreciate our gesture.

That leaves us with just one final message; go and multiply (preferably by enjoying our sweets on delivery to the fullest, of course)!

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